F.A.C.E Bangladesh

Greetings from FACE, Foundation for Architecture and Community Equity.

Community focused Architecture practice is an emerging field in the world. It is still in its infancy in

Bangladesh. And to be honest, there is no clearly laid out path out there.

FACE is an organization established with the intention to work with different communities in

Bangladesh, ranging from extremely vulnerable communities to suburban slum dwellers to lower-middle

income groups in small towns (and many more) with a focus on architecture and environment.

Travelling through the countryside, we find people living in challenging geographical, climatic situations

that need attention, intervention and response of intelligent minds and empathetic hearts. FACE is

searching for innovative ways to engage with people to seek out sustainable solutions to various

problems by forming alliance/network/collaboration with such individuals.

We invite you to join us in this journey to work together in finding ways that are beneficial to

environment and people.

We are creating a pool of interested professionals/future professionals from which we can

invite/select/refer you to be involved whenever any opportunity/occasion arises.