F.A.C.E Bangladesh

Foundation for Architecture and Community Equity

Foundation for Architecture and Community Equity

Bay of Bengal is the hot spot of Climate insecurity. Bangladesh is facing various challenges due to the sea level rise which is being experienced with the changing biodiversity in the coastal areas that ranges from micro to macro including uprooting of communities and human settlements. Foundation for Architecture, Community, Equity (F.A.C.E) is a collective of concerned professionals including but not limited to architects, engineers, geographers, climate experts, artists and concerned citizens who under this guideline, will explore and initiate various activities, ways and means to adapt to unforeseen changes expected due to climate crisis and sea level rise. The collaborative research activities will seek out solutions for climate preparedness including but not limited to health, habitat, renewable energy, food security.

F.A.C.E Bangladesh, is formed with the goal of providing home and humane living environment for people who are ultra-low-income, landless and or climate victims through community engagement, empowerment with knowledge and skill of building, research into climate positive material and construction methods appropriate to the uniqueness of the context. Geographical locations in focus are the dynamic coastal and riverine delta areas of Bangladesh including areas prone to flood and flash flooding, areas prone to cyclonic storms including unforeseen disasters such as earthquake and or manmade disaster that are not bounded by geographical location.

F.A.C.E Bangladesh will also focus on people and nature and actions towards restorative balance in the environment in order to reverse the effects of climate change. F.A.C.E Bangladesh will primarily focus on marginalized population, climate refugees, river nomads, ultra-low, low and no-income populations who are the uprooted mobile population moving in search of opportunities and means for survival. The collective will also focus on women and children with actions and initiatives that promote equitable living condition through skill development for environmental and healthy living conditions with clean water and hygienic sanitation. The initiatives will focus on collaborative research and approaches in meeting the demands for sustainable living and livelihood by partnering with organizations with similar beliefs and values to improve the living condition and elevate dignity of humane conditions.

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