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Introduction to Shilpa Begum and Her Story

Shilpa Begum is a middle-aged, widowed woman who lives in the Ratonsree Village in Tahirpur, Sunamganj, Bangladesh.

Shilpa Begum Has a son. After the death of her husband, she took shelter in her brother-in-law's household (her late husband's brother). She works in other people's houses to earn. Her son does not go to school. He looks after the cows that belong to them and his uncle.

It is a common scenario in Ratonsree village that people take shelter in other people's houses and live there for an extended period until they can afford their place, or the household capacity crosses its limit. Shilpa Begum's name was proposed by the villagers in the list made in February while making Ali Nur's house. She visited the #Khudibari of Ali Nur and liked it very much. Since she also wanted to own one, her brother-in-law's family emptied a plot for the #Khudibari.

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