F.A.C.E Bangladesh


Introduction to Ali Noor and His Story

Ali Nur has a wife and three young children in his family now, besides his daughters from the

previous marriage.

He used to work as a coolie to carry heavy loads on his head to earn more. One day while loading a cargo boat, he fell through a broken plank on the floor. The 100 kg sack fell on him knocking him unconscious eventually. Then his wife became sick. All his money went after her treatment. Before she died for her treatment, she stopped him as this was the last thing they possessed.

Years later, the relatives found another wife for the lonely man. This new family lived in a poor rusty shack and would live like birds- if God provided them food, they would eat.

When the #khudibari Team came to the village and explained what they wanted to do, this family was unanimously voted by all the villagers to be the most deserving of having a house built for them.

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