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Introduction to Kulsuma Begum and Her Story

Kulsum Akhter is a 35 year old widowed woman with two little girls living in the northern part of Ratonsree Village in Tahirpur, Sunamganj, Bangladesh.

Kulsuma's husband, Shalu Mia, died of a fever a few years back. Since then, she has been staying with Lilu Mia's family. (Lilu Mia is Shalu Mia's elder brother). The two brothers did not divide their father's land, and before Shalu Mia's death, the two families lived in the same big house.

Lilu Mia has great affection for his two orphaned nieces and is determined to take care of them. Lilu Mia's household is a traditional farmer with paddy fields, cattle, and poultry. Kulsuma helps with the household work. She cooks separately for herself and her daughters.

The villager's family also proposed Kulsuma's Name for #khudibari. Lilu Mia's family arranged space for them adjacent to their house. Lilu Mia gave his time and labor in the house-making process.

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