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Introduction to Moyna Begum and Her Story

Moyna Begum is a 65-year-old Lady. She is from the Ratonsree Village in Tahirpur, Sunamganj,


Moyna Begum has been struggling her whole life. She had to go through a lot of difficulties when her husband died. She would go door to door with her three children for shelter, food, or some work.She earned by sewing quilts. But to sew a quilt, she needs sufficient space. It was only available for her some of the time. She would sometimes do it under a tree. But she had to wait until someone let her use their space during the rain. Now her children are grown and married. But sadly, they don’t take care of her house. She has to manage her food and cook it all by herself.

When she heard that #Khudibari could build a house for her, her son in law and grandson Tamim helped her seek to raise a piece of land. Now she has a space of her own.

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