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Introduction to Jobeda Begum and Her Story

Jobeda Begum is one of 11 beneficiaries from Tahirpur, Shunamganj, Bangladesh. Her son Junu Mia has Down's syndrome. The mother and the son stay in a shelter on the property of Safar Ali, the Husband of Jobeda's elder sister, who helps them with many things. The homestead is disconnected from the main village and surrounded by water for seven months.

When the khudibari field team visited the village in February (during the construction of 1st house for Ali Nur), the villager made a list of the neediest persons/families in the village. Jobeda Begum was in the top five of the lists.

So, during the visit during March-April 2022 Khudi Bari team decided to make a #Khudibari for the family. Safar Ali gave time and labour in the house-making process on behalf of the family.

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